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Botzero is my creative and exploratory outlet that allows me to share my findings broadly. I appreciate the connections I've made and the easy information sharing provided by platforms like Discord and X. If you'd like to support my work, please consider an X subscription or a BTC donation!


Time to experiment.

Together, let's push the bounds of generative AI and media!

Time to experiment.

Together, let's push the bounds of generative AI and media!


Generative Art: SDXL 1.0 Beginner to Pro

I show you how to get unlimited SDXL gens without burning out your GPU, then how to prompt for SDXL and get better control of stylization!

Apashe "Bad News" Unofficial Music Video Walkthrough

I explain how I put this feature together, the associated costs, and some tips for different styles of video out of Runway gen2.

Talking avatar using D-ID

Create a talking avatar using your favorite image generator and D-ID--here's how!

Dragon Kaiber Animation

Create an image in Bing Image Creator, transform with Kaiber and edit with sound effects.

Local text2video Comparison

You can't beat free. Well, you can, but it's still nice. Here's a compare of the local/free text2video generation tools of the era.

From Corpses to Correspondents: Bringing Gen2 Zombies Back To Life

Save those costly Gen2 clips with face fixes from roop! Roop is a local/free tool that allows face transplants, aka deepfakes.

Pix2Pix: Tell Your Image What To Change

You can now use "instructional prompting" to inpaint a subject's feet and prompt "add some Nike tennis shoes", or ask for a completely different style for the image. Try it out!

Colab: Use Other Peoples' GPUs For Free

I show you how to use Colab to avoid burning up your own GPU, along with a Fooocus Colab as an example to get you started.

Demystifying LoRA Models - Part 1

You may have heard of LoRA models but are you using them? Take three minutes to find out more about what they can do for you, including a simple process to create your own!

Please be careful downloading tools, especially new ones and those from unknown sources.

<= Accessibility

Everyone Has A Seat

I currently have two projects in the hopper related to accessibility.

The first is a voice-controlled prompting system dubbed "Counterpart" that allows anyone to prompt common generative art tools without typing. Possible use cases for this system include prompting assistance for the handicapped, sample producers for hairstyling and tattoo shops, menus, and morphing wall art.

The second project is still in development but will be announced on 10/10/23.

My subscribers will have the first opportunity to try out new accessibility tools!